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Producing a film or tv show is the hardest, not to mention the most expensive, artistic medium there is. To succeed, it requires more than just talent, it also requires passion and dedication. Our team currently has three different projects in production. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out a Wiley Films Talent Profile.  



In April of 2016, documentary film director Scott Smith died mysteriously while filming "Undead in America" 

Undead in America takes a close look at the realities of Americas Undead phenomenon and studies the significant impact to our society, economy and foundational belief systems. 

Scott and his crew interviewed scientists, politicians, attorneys and  several undead Americans in an attempt to understand what has changed, and where we are going. 

During the filming of this documentary Scott mysteriously died under suspicious circumstances. This film was edited and released anonymously, in what is thought to be an attempt to bring light to a very dark subject.


PURGATORY PICKS UP WHERE UNDEAD IN AMERICA ENDS Purgatory is a weekly show about the trials and tribulations of being UnDead in America. It follows several characters both alive and not so much, as they try to cope with the new American reality. Marriage, inheritance, child custody, the right to vote, and skin care products, it is all up for grabs. In a world completely focused on the rights of the living suddenly having to deal with the Undead cause a number of challenges and opportunities. 

Jen died from cancer when she was 30 and that was fine. She was raised in a loving household with God in her heart. After a two-year battle, she was ready to move on. The problem is she came back from the dead, 1 in every 2000 Americans. Her mother's suicide and her father's transition to a popular evangelical minister focused on burning all undead demons, Jen is left try to find her way in this new reality. 

She discovers her purpose when she begins to learn about the forces of the return of the dead and the greed that destroyed her faith and the foundational beliefs of a nation. 

Purgatory is an often funny, sometimes tragic and always compelling. It takes a hard look at what makes us, us. 



AMERICAN MARRIAGE IS A NOIR HITCHCOCK THRILLER about the challenges of being married in our modern, consumer driven world and the steps a couple will take to ensure their lifestyle, security  and the sanctity of their marriage.

Dan and Beth are like a typical American couple trying to live up to expectations of their society, family, and economy. Dan is a salesman who has a hard year and Beth, though fundamentally a good mother, is burden with the package of a prosperous childhood. 

The financial burden and associated stress become too much and like one in every two couple in America, Dan and Beth are presented with an opportunity to solve all of their problems if they are willing to make one horrible choice.